Music & Lyrics

I Want Them…(Bald)

Some women like men with muscles
Some women like men with dough
Some women like men who write them haiku
Or tatoo their name on their toe
Some women like men with class and smarts and breeding
But the singula trait, that I love in a mate
Is a hairline that’s receding

I want them bald
Tall dark handsome and bald
Keep your jock and keep your rock star
What makes me crazy is a lack of lock star
Shining brilliantly bald
Flowing curls are so passe
Tell your romeo to throw the comb away

How I love when he goes for a haircut, and I mean a haircut
And he comes home relaxed with that self-assured, satisfied flair
He says “hon, like the style?”, and I give a soft smile
As I gently run my fingers through his air
He has no hair!
He’s bald

And I love him so bald
Who needs tangles who needs gel
You can tell Jean Paul-David to go to hell

And to all you young men who are listening who do that toupee thing
And make no mistake, I assure you, we know who you are
And to all you young men who do one piece real long or that spray thing
Just go au naturel, and believe me, you’ll shine like a star

Cause women love bald
I mean, women love bald
I’m telling you, don’t be a fool
Just take a tip from Sean and Yul
What could be more hot…more cool
Than bald!

Who loves ya, baby? Grrr!